FJord Queen-

Queen Gown

Long Locks Princess

Magical Lamp Princess

Glass Slipper Princess

Bayou Princess

Island Princess

Royal Scepter Princess

Fairy Princess

Poison Apple Princess

Archery Princess

Unicorn Princess

Sleeping Princess

Forest Princess

Snow Queen-

White Element Dress

Mermaid Princess - In Fin

Mermaid Princess - 

Palace Ballgown

Beauty Princess


FJord Queen-

Winter Travel Wear

FJord Queen-

Coronation Gown

FJord Queen-

Autumn Travel Wear

Snow Queen-

Dark Sea Dress

Snow Queen-

Ice Crystal Gown

Snow Queen -

Autumn Travel Wear

A big thank you to Cindy Isham Photogragphy, as many of the photos you see on our site were photographed by her! You can book her to photograph your event as well! https://www.facebook.com/CindyIshamPhotography/


The Enchanted Princess Party is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. The 

Princesses are lookalike characters based on fairy tales and stories and is not 

associated with Disney. We also have a number of actresses, and the ones you see here may not be the ones to attend your party.

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